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Welcome all!

This is my community. I hope you all enjoy it. As it says in the bio, I'm gonna try like hell to make it the most informative Pete Yorn community on LiveJournal. To do this, I'm also gonna need your help. Feel free to post anything Yornish: from music links, stories, photos, questions, show reviews/info, etc. Thanks!

And now the first batch of info (from the Pete Yorn newsletter):

Strange Condition DVD
In Stores October 1, 2002!

The DVD features the "Strange Condition" video:
- Rock Version
- Remix Version
- Black & White 8mm version

Bonus features include:
* Discography
* Photo Gallery
* Behind The Scenes (Making of the Strange Condition Video)

"Strange Condition" video directed by Marcos Siega.
Black-and-white version and "Behind the Scenes" directed
by Steven Oritt.

Here's the cover art of the DVD:

Have fun!
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