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Trampoline Records

**from the PY Newsletter**
Trampoline Records Greatest Hits Vol. 1
The very first release from Trampoline Records
(label brought to you by PY, Rami Jaffe of The Wallflowers,
and Marc Dauer of Jukebox Junkies) is now available in
all Barnes and Nobles stores! Greatest Hits Vol.1 features
tracks from Pete Yorn ("Hunter Green"), Dirty Bird
Joe Kennedy (Happily Ever After - "Little Silver Car"),
and many others including Minibar, Jukebox Junkies,
and Sake Sushi Orchestra. Visit Trampoline Records
to get the full tracklisting, listen to clips, and
order the CD online. Greatest Hits Vol. 1 will
spin you right round!

Coming soon: a special Trampoline Records Revue on
October 29th at the HOB in Los Angeles, CA. All the bands
on Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (including PY!) plus many
other special guests will be in attendance.
Stay tuned for more info!


PY played a stellar acoustic set last week in NYC
at the LIFEbeat 10th Anniversary Benefit show.
The set list was as follows:

in-between days (*cure cover)
life on a chain
bandstand in the sky
for nancy
sit down
on your side
patience (*guns n roses cover)

(**all songs performed with Zach Lind from
Jimmy Eat World on drums)

I'm looking forward to hearing what this album sounds like. If I could find any acoustic downloads of the LIFEbeat show, that'd rule.

Till next time, y'all.
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